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Jan Barnett is an artist living in Wiltshire who specialises in animal portraiture. She was educated in Hertfordshire and then at Dartington College of Arts in Devon before teaching art in secondary schools for several years.

She has been concentrating on animal portraits for the past twelve years and a selection of commissions can be viewed in the gallery section of this website. Jan's main concern when working on her portraits is to bring each individual to life drawing out the character as well as the physical likeness.

To this end she prefers to meet the animals, spend some time watching and interacting with them and take a great many photographs before working on the finished portrait at home. She does not work from live 'sittings' as she feels this is too stressful for the animals and often results in a stiff unnatural picture.

She does occasionally work from photographs supplied by the owner and if there is some reason why it is not possible to meet the animal, will then ask for information about character and personality to help the portrait have the 'liveliness' she seeks.

You can contact Jan by telephone:
01249 740653 | 07790 045211
or email her here